Looking for a cute fun girk

Yet another picture from someone I don’t know. This guy sent me an email with his photo. He references a craigslist post of some 23 year old in Virginia who is looking for someone to chill with:

Hey I know its late already but I’m looking to chill with someone tonight.I’m also 420 friendly so if you looking to having a good time hit me up.Do put ‘hibiscus’ in the subject line :-)

Unfortunately, she’s so 420 friendly that she appears to not know her own email address because she must have used mine as the reply-to. This fellow wrote back to her (me):

And he writes:

Hey im looking for a cute fun girk to hangout with tonight :) im 20 and i live in reston hope to hear from you :)

He appears to like space. A lot. That may explain why he is alone tonight and not hanging with a cute girk. Maybe girks are aliens, and this bedspread is meant to entice them? Although he’s reasonable looking, the giant earth wallpaper, the space bedspread, the galactic carpet, and what seems to be some sort of rocket ship laundry basket would give me pause if I was this girl. However, the rocket-shaped lava lamp beside the rastafarian hat in the background would certainly be attractive qualities to her 420 friendly side. He does, also, have a nice collection of shoes. However, this young man seems unable to figure out that by looking at the phone while taking a picture of himself rather than at the mirror he has produced a photo where he appears to be smirking at his phone rather than smiling at the girk.

Whatever is going on here, the sad thing is that both of them are sitting around lonely. The fun girl looking to chill thinks nobody answered her. The dude looking to hang with a fun girk is also alone. All because the girl can’t figure out her own email address.

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