Dec 12

Taken too early

I’m sad to report that yesterday the world lost Oscar Neimeyer in the prime of his life. He was but 104 year sold and had years of brilliant work ahead of him.

As you may know, Neimeyer was a Brazilian architecht who designed fabulous buildings, as well as many of the the government buildings in Brasilia which is one of the most fantastic looking cities in the world. I’ve never been there, and it may be completely unlivable, but it looks tremendous.

Dec 12

Looking for a cute fun girk

Yet another picture from someone I don’t know. This guy sent me an email with his photo. He references a craigslist post of some 23 year old in Virginia who is looking for someone to chill with:

Hey I know its late already but I’m looking to chill with someone tonight.I’m also 420 friendly so if you looking to having a good time hit me up.Do put ‘hibiscus’ in the subject line :-)

Unfortunately, she’s so 420 friendly that she appears to not know her own email address because she must have used mine as the reply-to. This fellow wrote back to her (me):

And he writes:

Hey im looking for a cute fun girk to hangout with tonight :) im 20 and i live in reston hope to hear from you :)

He appears to like space. A lot. That may explain why he is alone tonight and not hanging with a cute girk. Maybe girks are aliens, and this bedspread is meant to entice them? Although he’s reasonable looking, the giant earth wallpaper, the space bedspread, the galactic carpet, and what seems to be some sort of rocket ship laundry basket would give me pause if I was this girl. However, the rocket-shaped lava lamp beside the rastafarian hat in the background would certainly be attractive qualities to her 420 friendly side. He does, also, have a nice collection of shoes. However, this young man seems unable to figure out that by looking at the phone while taking a picture of himself rather than at the mirror he has produced a photo where he appears to be smirking at his phone rather than smiling at the girk.

Whatever is going on here, the sad thing is that both of them are sitting around lonely. The fun girl looking to chill thinks nobody answered her. The dude looking to hang with a fun girk is also alone. All because the girl can’t figure out her own email address.

Oct 12

More photos from people I don’t know

This has been a good week for photos from strangers. I got a strange invitation to a writing conference in the Bahamas, but it was an ugly invitation so I won’t post it. This arrived earlier today though, along with the message:

Look how beautiful the hibiscus that the kids planted for you is!

Indeed, it’s very nice of these children to plant flowers for me.

Dec 11

Christmas at some guy’s house

As happens so often, some stranger sent me photos the other day. This appears to be pictures of his Christmas dinner. I’m not sure what the last picture is, and I skipped all the really blurry ones.

Do you recognize this table?  Maybe we can track this guy down.


Nov 11

A visit to the nation’s middle – Brandon Manitoba

I spent a few days in Brandon Manitoba this week for the Canadian Outstanding Young Farmers conference 2011. It was outstanding, and there were indeed farmers. In fact it was one of the only places I’ve been in… well, a long time, where people were wearing John Deere hats without a hint of irony.

It was rather remarkably cold. I’m writing this from the fancy new terminal of the Winnipeg airport, the newest terminal in Canada (though it’s still not exactly big, don’t get too excited). This morning, as I left the disappointing but cheapish Marlborough hotel in the heart of downtown it was -21 degrees. It’s November!

I didn’t take many photos of my trip, but here’s what I thought to snap photos of.

As you can see, Manitoba is flat. I sort of forgot just how flat it is. People think of all the Praries as flat and as a former Saskatoon-dweller I can tell you that this is incorrect. Saskatoon has some rolling hills, particularly in the south. Manitoba, at least central Manitoba and, if I recall correctly, right up to the Ontario border, is just about dead flat. And the roads are very straight. It makes for a boring drive.

Occasionally you do see other vehicles on the road, though not many. I don’t make it a habit to take photos while driving, but really, there’s not a lot to hit here. If these photos get out I suppose it could be a black mark on my future political aspirations though, so keep these to yourself.

I eventually made it to Brandon. I think they call it the wheat capital of Canada, but I could be wrong. I overheard something about that though. It’s not a great city, really. It used to have a cute downtown but now it’s mostly big box stores and chain restaurants. I don’t recommend being vegetarian in Brandon. And if you don’t like pizza or Chinese food it’s entirely possible that you’ll starve.

I can’t say much more, they’re calling my flight. This is the new terminal. Sort of fancy, no? But, much to Alison’s disappointment, not a single store here sells commemorative spoons. This is the only airport I’ve ever been to that doesn’t have spoons.

Nov 11

Pictures from people I don’t know

For whatever reason I get lots (really LOTS) of emails that aren’t for me. The weirdest was about a year ago when a family was trying to marry off their daughter in India and put an ad in the paper with my email address. I got lots of photos of successful young men looking for wives.

Today I got these lovely vacation photos from a French woman.

Nov 11

Norman Foster’s Fortaleza Hall

When Johnson Wax wanted a meeting centre at their headquarters they had a tough act to follow what with the Frank Lloyd Wright buildings dominating the campus. They called in Norman Foster.

Norman Foster building at Johnson Wax

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Oct 11

A trip to the Johnson Wax headquarters

Over the weekend we went to Racine, WI, the home of Johnson Wax. The buildings were designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and the one pictured in the photo below is one of only two tall Wright buildings existing today. While we were there we also visited the new Norman Foster building on the Johnson Wax campus.

The Research Building at Johnson Wax headquarters

Norman Foster building at Johnson Wax

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