Dec 12

Taken too early

I’m sad to report that yesterday the world lost Oscar Neimeyer in the prime of his life. He was but 104 year sold and had years of brilliant work ahead of him.

As you may know, Neimeyer was a Brazilian architecht who designed fabulous buildings, as well as many of the the government buildings in Brasilia which is one of the most fantastic looking cities in the world. I’ve never been there, and it may be completely unlivable, but it looks tremendous.

Nov 11

Norman Foster’s Fortaleza Hall

When Johnson Wax wanted a meeting centre at their headquarters they had a tough act to follow what with the Frank Lloyd Wright buildings dominating the campus. They called in Norman Foster.

Norman Foster building at Johnson Wax

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Oct 11

A trip to the Johnson Wax headquarters

Over the weekend we went to Racine, WI, the home of Johnson Wax. The buildings were designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and the one pictured in the photo below is one of only two tall Wright buildings existing today. While we were there we also visited the new Norman Foster building on the Johnson Wax campus.

The Research Building at Johnson Wax headquarters

Norman Foster building at Johnson Wax

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