Mar 12

Happy birthday to a fellow Canadian

It would be wrong of me to overlook this momentous day, when our local (well, localish) boy Justin Bieber turns 18. ¬†Though his music has taken a serious turn for the worse, and his fashion has devolved into something ever more lesbian-chic Mad Max, and his hair styles no longer prompt boys around the world to emulate him, he’s still an unparalleled Canadian cultural export.

Here, in no particular order (since I can’t figure out how to order these gallery things) are the various looks of JB.

Scratch that. I figured it out. It’s pretty much chronological now, and you can see that he’s become sort of like Elvis lately with some truly ridiculous outfits. Is it that everyone around him is just too filled with praise to let him know he looks like a fool?

Dec 11

Cool it now, Justin

Alison believes that these two songs are similar. So similar that on hearing the JB song she immediately said “that sounds just like Cool It Now”. Other than both songs being total, utter crap, I don’t see the similarity.

Incidentally, JB has turned to complete garbage. This Christmas business of his is terrible. But NPR has a pretty hilarious review of the JB/Mariah Carey song entitled Mariah Carey And Justin Bieber Tell A Christmas Story of Terror And Mob Rule that gives a blow by blow account of the video. It’s well worth reading.

Nov 11


I’ve recently got this song stuck in my head. Alison quite likes the line “Alison runs the show” for obvious reasons.

Nov 11

Romance, 1989

I used to believe this was the most romantic song ever. I was, after all, eleven. I also didn’t realize until very recently that there was a video. I love the low budget romance going on here. Check out the romantic drinks that appear to be in the Maestro’s parents’ back yard. And the final scene? Amazing.

For those who attended my wedding, you may remember this song. Nobody realized it, but this was actually our wedding song. For real.