Nov 13


I’m not even sure what these are or what this means… there was no text, just the subject Jailflowers. I’m worried that it’s some sort of prison lingo.


Sep 13

Today’s photo from a stranger

With the simple subject ‘And outdoor furniture’ with no accompanying body text. i’m not sure what to make of that.20130908_110139

Sep 13

Stupid things overheard at Starbucks

One teenaged girl to another:

“There’s something I’ve been wondering for like so long. Who delivers mail to mailman’s houses? Like, seriously, that just doesn’t make any sense!”

Two eager med students:

Student 1: “You know a lot about biology and stuff, right?”

Student 2: “Yeah, I guess.”

Student 1: “Well I’m wondering… do dophins poo?”

Student 2: “Hmm…” … long pause … “They’re mammals… so I guess, yeah, the do.”

Student 1: “Oh, that’s really too bad.”

Sep 13

Did you get it?

Today I received this lovely photo with the message “Did you get it?” I sure did.


Sep 13

Another photo from someone I don’t know

I don’t even know what this one might possibly be. There was no explanation, just this photo.

Jan 13

Sharon, you’re such a nob head

As you know, I get a huge number of emails that just aren’t for me. It’s baffling.

Today I got this gem:

Hi Bruce

Just wanted to clarify something is the CR for WA as these GLA’s have the DR going to WA and have been approved by the other BU’s and processed as such?


Followed shortly thereafter by Bruce’s reply. Sharon, feeling quite foolish to have posed so ridiculous a thing, followed up with:

OK – so I’m a nob head. They should be recoveries from the other states and a credit to WA.

Indeed, Sharon. Indeed.

Dec 12

Christmas Party 2012

It’s that time of year again, Christmas Party time!

I fear that this invitation isn’t being as well received as some others in the past. Sorry, I couldn’t paste my face onto any celebrities this year. There were other contenders for the invitation design. As the day approaches I may post them.

As usual, bring friends if I’ll like them or if they’re extremely attractive. Ideally both. I still like shiny presents, but if you’re planning on buying me one please think of spending that money on the turtles instead of me. Seriously, I don’t need it and they do. Please take a moment to check out all the great work of the Turtle Survival Alliance and consider making your own donation.

Oct 12

Photos from people I don’t know

In the ongoing history of photos sent to me from people I’ve never met…

Apr 12

This dude is awesome

We’ve been looking at condos. This guy’s ad came up. I think we found our real estate agent.

“Get Ready To Move”


Apr 12

The Marines Play Friday

I rarely bother posting YouTube videos, so when I do there’s usually something interesting to be seen. Check it out: