Dec 11

$1000 for turtles

Thanks to all those who donated to the Turtle Survival Alliance at this year’s Christmas party. We raised $500 which, after donation matching by the TSA Board of Governors, makes $1000 for turtle protection!

Dec 11

The gravy train stops here

Nov 11

You’re Invited

December 27, The Bookshelf, Guelph

Don’t forget the turtles. Bring a donation. All funds to the Turtle Survival Alliance.

Nov 11

Reliving VirtualRobin of years gone by

VirtualRobin wasn’t always the stylish, attractive site you see before you today (although as I write this the header is a bit lacking… bear with me). No, much like Robin himself, VirtualRobin had an awkward phase. Here are somet of the more questionable graphics that appeared on the site at one time or another.

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Oct 11

A new beginning

After almost ten years, the old VirtualRobin.com has been retired.  You can still visit it at virtualrobin.com/old_virtualrobin if you really want.  That’s where you’ll find the photos and other content.

Why did I do this?  Well, when VirtualRobin first went online there were no blog applications.  There was no easy way to just install something and have a blog.  So I wrote it from scratch.  And I had no idea what I was doing.  As a result it was pretty horrible to use.  Adding photos was a painful process, adding posts wasn’t much better.  Slowly I stopped bothering because it was just too much trouble.  Now, with WordPress taking all of about sixty seconds to set up, there wasn’t much reason for me to keep the old system going except for nostalgia.  I’m hoping that this new blog will be a little more active.